Expert Mobility Assistance For Your Holiday 

About Us

Holiday With Help is a new business that began with a Sunshine Coast local by the name of Leanne Harsh. Leanne has been working in aged care as an AIN/PCW Personal Care worker for 5 years, where she enjoyed helping residents get the most out of life. The idea for Holiday at Help struck one day as she was assisting a patient. There are so many more people out there who, due to mobility restrictions, have also restricted their freedom and lifestyle. Leanne decided to launch Holiday With Help to break down these barriers and help these people get out and live their lives free of fear and limitation.
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What Is Holiday Help?

Leanne’s new business is here to help people go on a holiday, visit family, attend a special event or just be able to get away for a break. Clients will have a qualified carer with them on their trip with 24-hour help and support. This way, you can get out and enjoy your life with peace of mind that someone is there with you, and you’re not alone.

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Is Holiday Help For You?

Whether it be a physical or non-physical ailment, minor or major, we have an experienced carer on hand to go with you on your holiday. Whether you find it difficult to shower and dress in the morning, suffer from lack of confidence, struggle with your mental wellbeing or require a mobility aid full time to help you get around; we can break down these barriers to help you get out there 
and live.

Book a holiday with a carer today! Call 0418 681 343.

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